2360 Glenwood Ave. Joliet, IL

Maurie's Table - Pizzas and Sandwiches | Joliet, IL


2360 Glenwood Ave. Joliet, IL

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By guest, Mar 6 2015 10:06PM

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Apr 5 2017 12:42AM by Chris

My uncle was Maurie....He faught in WWII and was captured by the Germans at Battle of the Bulge. He was in Slaughter House five as a prisoner of war during the bombing if Dresden and was forced to help clean up the aftermath, he was also a friend of Kurt Vandergut who was also a prisoner. He grew up in Oregon, and sold cars before owning his first pizza parlor. ...Just so you know!

Sep 30 2019 08:12PM by Max

I was just checking to see if I could order pizza for shipping. If you're going to be selling the best pizza in Illinois you might want to think about the possibilities. There are many Chicago pizzerias shipping product that is not of the highest quality. Once you caught on, you could take in a good share. of that business.

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